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In the last blog we talked about the “Green” Agenda and how it is repeated so often that some people take the green claims as given: recycle plastic to save the planet; buy electric vehicles to reduce emissions; climate change will kill us all in a few years.


Today let’s unpack the myth that climate change is going to kill us all.  Interestingly, in the 1970’s countless headlines blared that human activity would soon bring catastrophic global cooling.  1970's Warnings of the Coming Ice Age  Then in the late 1980’s the narrative shifted to catastrophic global warming.  But in the last decade or two, so many dire predictions of warming have failed, that the narrative has now cleverly shifted from “global warming” to “climate change.”


Here’s a mythbuster: earth’s climate is always changing.  In a blog a few months ago we noted that earth is normally much warmer than today, and that ice at earth’s north and south poles is the exception, not the norm.  But we also pointed out that just 18,000 years ago, earth was locked in a very cold cycle.  Pennsylvania was a frozen tundra and the earth’s oceans were 300 feet lower than today.  What is Earth's Correct Temperature? (


Maybe it’s time to apply common sense.  Are millions dying from rising oceans, boiling temperatures, and monster storms?  Last year’s hurricane season was one of the mildest on record.  If severe hurricanes are “proof” of devastating climate change, what does a season of mild hurricanes prove?


In fact, millions aren’t dying.  Billions (not millions) are living longer and more comfortable lives today than in any time in history.  Not in spite of fossil fuels.  But because of them.


Before fossil fuels, hunger…true raw hunger…was humanity’s greatest worry.  Before fossil fuels, hunger, malnutrition and disease meant average life expectancy of just 36 years.  With fossil fuels came fertilizer.  For most of us, today, hunger is not even on the radar.  And life expectancy has more than doubled.


Fossil fuels run furnaces that save billions from freezing.  Fossil fuels run air conditioners that let people vacation in Florida.  And fossil fuels power pumps that that run in New Orleans—because otherwise New Orleans would suffer annual floods—just like it did every year before fossil fuels. In other words, fossil fuels help us live within the ever-changing climate—and fossil fuels save us from millions of climate-related deaths.  Not the other way around.  

Annual floods have invaded New Orleans since its founding, and fossil fuels are engaged to SAVE lives and property…not the other way around.

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