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It’s time to return sanity to energy policies. In latest news, President Biden wants to restrict gas stoves and other gas appliances.


Meantime, China operates 60% of the world’s coal-fired electricity plants…and is building new plants at the rate of two per week.  China is by far the world’s largest emitter of so-called greenhouse gasses, emitting over 20% of the world's CO2 totals, about as much as all other developed nations COMBINED.  



On the other hand, the United States has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by converting electricity generation from coal to natural gas.  But that’s not good enough for federal and state politicians, who are chasing the ridiculous “net zero,” without a clue as to the consequences.  The push to net zero will force much higher energy prices on Americans, yielding cold, dark and poverty…while China continues on its merry way to world domination.


It gets worse.  China still has most favored nation status, as given by the United States, and China is still recognized as a ‘developing country’ by the World Trade Organization.  These designations grant China the excuse to ignore its emissions while doing whatever China wants to increase China’s energy security.  Kill our own energy industries while promoting China’s. That’s crazy.


Our politicians are blind to what’s going on.  But Greenpeace, the global environmental protest group, has a better grasp on reality.  Referring to China’s burgeoning emissions, Greenpeace’s Gao Yuhe said "China's government has put energy security and energy transition at odds with one another,"


The folks in charge of our country’s energy policies are apparently OK with China insuring China’s energy security…all while the United States’ energy security goes to net zero.


Thanks Greenpeace, for clarifying that.

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